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The Kent Area Ohio Chapter of The Links, Incorporated

Member Highlights

Kent (OH) Links are leading dynamic programs within the Kent Area community as well as excelling in their personal and professional careers. Click below to learn more.

Kent Area (OH) Chapter Members

Krista Allison

Michelle Anderson

Audrey Barnes

Lisa Bennett, MD

Philathia Bolton, PhD

Roxia Boykin 

Rebecca M. Brown

Traci Buckner

Paula Burris

Linda Frazier

Keli D. Greene

Morgan C. Greene, PhD

Elizabeth K. Hilton, JD, MPA

Rhonda Hylton, PhD

Ramona Hood

Alison K. Ivey

Janelle Lee

Pam Macer

Sharonda Martin

Sherrie Massey

Ronna McNair

Tammy L. Monroe

Tammy Moore-Coney

Kimberly Morgan

Tiffany Murray, JD

Kimberly Oliver

Amanda Parker

Xaviera Patrick

Cheryl Ponder

Gloria J. Pope

Kendra L. Preer, PhD

Sharri Roper-Comernisky

Lubee Rowell

Marsha E. Morrell Smith

Dr. Rachel Talton

Sabre Towers

Tanya Watson

Delanie West

Gabrielle Whittaker

Cheryl Willis
Pamela Smith*


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